XWallet and XPass from Pundi X

The easiest and most secure wallet.

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Safe Vault
Different custody options that makes life easier for those just starting out.
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XWallet is the app for you to pair your XPASS card and manage your crypto.
XWallet and XPass by Pundi X

Bitcoin in its simplest form.

The XWallet wallet combines ease of use for those just starting out but also has all the features for those with advanced knowledge.

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Features to make your life easier.

XWallet Telegram Feature

Send and receive cryptocurrencies through Telegram.

XWallet Feature

Transact cryptocurrencies between different wallets.

Are there any costs?
The XWallet is available for free download. The XPass card can be purchased through this website, just look for the option "Request an XPASS".
Can I own the private key?
Yes! XWallet is integrated with My Ether Wallet (MEW)* and BEP20 Wallet. In this way you can save your seed and/or private key.

*The MEW Wallet supports Ethereum and tokens ERC-20, such as Dai, NPXS, among others.
Cartão XPASS Pundi X

Incredibly easy.

It is not necessary to know what keys, blocks, or QR codes are. An XPASS card is enough for you to make payments and recharges in the XPOS machines, easily, quickly, and securely.
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Cartão XPASS Pundi X
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XWallet by Pundi X
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