Freedom to set
your own fees.

The XPOS allows you to choose the service fee you desire to generate additional revenue for your business.

Set your own fees for selling crypto.
Fully adjustable anytime to cater to your client's volume.
Direct deposit in stablecoin or exchange fiat through your local Distributor.

Fees structure and revenue share with Distributors.

Distributors plays a key role, helping to import, distribute locally, provide support and exchange for local currency.

Retain a portion of the service fee charged by the Merchant.
Set the service fee.
Pay the service fee.
What if there is no Distributor in my region?
If there is no Distributor in your region, you will not incur any distributor fee.
Can I become a Distributor?
Yes. To become a Distributor, please write to .
Exemplified Scenario

Selling Crypto

Merchant Fee: 2%
Distributor Fee: 1%
Client enters your shop and wants to purchase $100 USD worth of Bitcoin.
You have a balance of 100 USDT for Crypto Sales hence you start the transaction.
Since you are charging 2% and your Distributor is charging 1%, your client will receive $97 worth of Bitcoin.
Your remaining balance is 2 USDT plus $100 USD collected in cash.
(100 USDT "balance" - 97 USDT "transfered to client" - 1 USDT "transfered to Distributor")
What is the maximum fee I can apply?
Any percentage can be applied. You choose it. We recommend between 2% and 4% so it's profitable for you and feasible for your clients.
How can I receive the payment for the crypto sold?
We recommend you accept cash, bank transfer, or other methods. The XPOS does not accepts traditional cards, but you can always accept traditional cards using traditional POS's.
Exemplified Scenario

Accepting Payments

Merchant Fee: 0%
Distributor Fee: 0%
When accepting payments in crypto we don't recommend adding fees, although you can.
Client wants to pay for his coffee.
Coffee costs $1 USD and that's the amount you will input in your XPOS.
The XPOS will display the current amount of Bitcoin for $1 USD.
Your final balance on your Cashier will be 1 USDT.
BTC has been automatically converted to USDT and now you can withdraw¹ the 1 USDT to your wallet or request your distributor to exchange² for USD.
Can I add taxes like IVA?
Yes. Through your Merchant Portal account you can set the Tax that should be automatically added to the final price.
Can I accept traditional cards on my XPOS?
No. The XPOS is not connected with local banks hence it cannot accept traditional credit and debit cards.
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¹ Withdraw: incur blockchain transaction cost.
² Exchange: distributor might charge for providing the service. For costs, see the table.